Belmont Hill Summer School

Summary: Summary: For over 30 years, students have been welcomed to the Belmont Hill School campus to participate in our multi-faceted summer program. Whether interested in academic courses, art workshops or tennis clinics, girls and boys for more than a generation have developed skills and friendships on our campus. As we often say, "At Belmont Hill, summer is a time to grow." We offer a vast array of academic courses, whether for enrichment or greater confidence in a subject, as well as opportunities for students to delve into artistic expression. From the three- period a day, six-week courses for credit to the variety of three-week workshops, students can engage in a particular area of passion or prepare for advanced level work in the following school year. Our dedicated and experienced teachers provide a relaxed learning environment while holding students to a high standard and encouraging the pursuit of excellence.

grade 6-12
Camp type: 
Day Camp
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The relaxed pace of the season makes summer the perfect time for students to explore one or more subjects in depth, improve academic and study skills, deepen understanding of a topic, and strengthen areas that need bolstering. The Summer School offers a wide range of academic programs for credit, for enrichment, or just for fun to students in grades 6 through 12.


Our three-week courses are designed to allow students to work within specific areas in a concentrated session. The test preparation courses will cover the same material as the six-week course, while the math and English workshops will give students the chance to improve skills and better prepare for the next academic year.



We welcome any boy or girl entering grades 6-12, whether experienced or new to the game. Our tennis program is tailored to all ages and skill levels with the goal of improving fundamentals and level of play. 

Personal Fitness:

This class is designed to help you move, look and feel better and become healthier than ever before while learning the basics of fitness training. Our goal is to get you to learn the basics of health and fitness through proper exercise and nutrition education while building self-confidence and having fun at the same time.

Supervised Study:

For students who wish to extend their day, work on homework, and access the resources of the library, we will have an end of day option for a supervised study in our library. Any Summer School student is welcome.


Belmont Hill Summer Arts Program is a comprehensive arts program that allows students in grades 6 through 12 to explore visual arts. Art workshops are offered in two three-week sessions. All courses are taught by artists and teachers who offer students the opportunity to discover their individual talents and develop skills. The art courses are suited for both the beginner and experienced artist. On the last day of each three-week session, parents are invited to an Arts Festival, an occasion that showcases the students' artwork.